Repeat Buyers Rule in Lawsons Angus Roma Sale

Press Release – October 2012

Lawsons Angus held their annual Queensland sale on Wednesday 10th October 2012 and it was a resounding success. This is the first Sale that Lawsons Angus had conducted independently in Queensland and Harry Lawson was more than satisfied with the crowd that attended and the resulting competition for their bulls. There was outstanding value for money with bulls available from $3,000, which is great value considering the quality of proven performance genetics on offer.

A total clearance of 64 bulls was achieved with an average of $5,015 and gross value of $317,500. The sale included 52 two-year old Angus bulls sold for an average price of $5,048 and 12 Angus yearling bulls were sold with an average price of $4,583.

The top selling bull was sold to RA & RJ Nobbs at Moura for $12,000, and who also bought a second bull for $6,000. The top selling yearling bull Lawsons Dinky Di G8093 sold for $11,000 to Mal and Sue Burston from Nebo.

Volume buyers included Mal and Sue Burston and David and Kate Lyons from St George, both of whom bought 9 bulls each. Mal Burston focused his buying on bulls with high EMA and marbling scores as he is looking to achieve better meat quality and feedlot performance from the cattle he puts through his feedlot.

Harry Lawson said the sale was especially rewarding because there were so many repeat buyers from a wide geographical base which gives him confidence about the suitability of Angus cattle across a wide range of environments.

“Our clients here have a lot of confidence in our bulls and its great to hear the stories about how our bulls are thriving in the north” Harry said

“One of our clients from Charleville bought some bulls from us 5 years ago in working condition and was a little skeptical about how the bulls would perform based on their actual weight at the time of sale. I had to convince him to trust the objective performance data we provided. He told me this week that the Lawsons Angus bulls he had bought were now 6 years old and still performing well. We take pride in the fact that our bulls adapt so well in the Queensland environment.”

Harry said it was good to see Queensland buyers taking advantage of the information on hand this year.

“From the conversations I had with clients at the sale, they weren’t just selecting visually. Our buyers were using key Breedplan information, looking at calving ease, carcass traits, and growth. To see this approach is very heartening and will contribute to greater and faster genetic gains in their herds and our breed over time” he said.

Harry said “We don’t aim to sell our cattle at the highest prices in the country, because we believe outstanding genetics should be affordable to the commercial producer. Our business is built around providing value for money genetic gains to the larger, and also small herds. As well as being accountable to cow and calf producers, we also see the requirements of the end user as key drivers, so we also focus our breeding program on feed efficiency, yield and meat quality.”

Lawsons Angus is the largest Angus seedstock producer in Australia, with sales of over 800 bulls annually in their 4 annual sales in Victoria, Queensland and WA as well as out of the paddock sales.

For further information please contact:

Harry Lawson
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