Retaining semen interests in Sale bulls enables Lawsons Angus to offer access to our best bulls and enables the bull owner to jointly share in any future success in marketing semen.

Retaining a semen interest provides Lawsons Angus with the option to collect semen for our own use, but also to control the potential marketing of semen to the best effect through our network of contacts. Very few bulls ever sell a lot of semen, and in most cases it is later in life after progeny have proven the merit of the bull.

As Lawsons Angus put a great deal of resources and intellect in developing each bull, and in some cases into sampling young bulls through AAA and co-operator programs, it is reasonable to participate in their future sucess in the form of semen sales and use in our own program so we can ensure we continue our program’s genetic progress. With these points understood by our customers, we can offer for sale every bull we produce, and hold nothing back. It is important to note that most seedstock herds retain their best bulls as stud sires however the system we operate gives our clients direct access to our best bulls.

Lawsons Angus identify some bulls offered for Sale as being of particular interest and merit. These bulls are referred to herein as “nominated bulls” and are identified in Sale catalogues by a shaded box containing the words “Retaining Semen Marketing Rights and 50% Revenue Sharing Interest”.

Animals offered at Sales that are nominated to retain a semen interest in, are sold with the following conditions;

  1. Each animal sold is the physical property of the purchaser. The purchaser is entitled to collect semen for use in their own herd only at any time. The purchaser is entitled to 100% of the salvage value of the bull.
  2. Lawsons Angus retains the right to access the nominated bulls at a future date for the purpose of semen production with the semen to be used within the Lawson’s Angus program. Semen will be collected at the expense of Lawsons Angus and at a negotiated time and place convenient to the new owner and Lawsons Angus.
  3. Nominated bulls are sold with Lawsons Angus retaining exclusive semen marketing control, and a percentage of all semen royalties as nominated on the individual lot.
  4. Lawsons Angus may offer any purchaser, being a syndicate, semen company or other, the controlling interest in semen marketing of nominated bulls provided the prospective purchaser nominates their intentions to Lawsons Angus prior to Sale, and at that time negotiate ongoing marketing/royalty terms acceptable to Lawsons Angus.
  5. If a bull is re-sold by a purchaser, Lawsons Angus retained interests persist with the new owner.
  6. Lawsons Angus retains exclusive cloning rights on all animals sold. No animal may be cloned without written consent from Lawsons Angus.